Black Tiles
Black Tiles Lane, Main Road
IP12 4SP
01473 624038
Pub - Pub

Rated 4.5/5 from 2 ratings. There are 2 reviews.
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Be sure to check with waiter and chef
Great food and service for gluten and wheat-free needs. I've eaten here many times and never had a problem, though once i was brought a mint sauce with my lamb roast dinner and upon double checking with the chef if i could actually have the sauce, it turned out i couldn't! naughty waiter! Just be specific in asking and u can't go wrong. Lovely food and eatery.
separate menu
The Black Tiles offers traditional home cooked pub food. If you ask a member of staff they have a separate gluten free menu with adaptions from their actual menu. It makes it less embarrassing when going out with friends.
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