Bridge Inn
27 Baird Road, Ratho
EH28 8RA
0131 333 1320
Pub - Pub

Rated 5/5 from 2 ratings. There are 2 reviews.
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tasty and lots of choice
ask for the gluten free menu - it's nearly as extensive as the full menu just one or two things missing. plenty of choice whether you're looking for something light like a sandwich (they use genius bread), a sharing plate or a full three course dinner. it's alot more substantial than your usual pub grub - more on a par with a nice restaurant and the prices reflect that. everything cooked from scratch and the chef seems very knowledgeable about all the ingredients as do the servers so well worth it.
Sausage&mash, fish & chips and other more sophisticated GF food. Vast choice! :-)
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