11 Quaker's Friars, Bristol
0117 933 8538
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Amazing choice and extensive menu.
I went fearing the worst, an Italian restaurant serving pasta dishes that I can't eat. I couldn't have been more wrong! From the start the manager made sure that even the drinks were suitable and assured me that they could do anything from the pasta menu in a suitable GF pasta. Such a huge range of foods to chose from. A definite winner and will certainly be going again.
Very good at gluten free
Carluccio's has a whole menu for gluten free people! Amazing! Not as good as Zizzi's though.
Nice gf pasta
And a lovely but salty mushroom soup, there's plenty of gf pastas but for the starters little choice and you still pay for the foccacia etc that you dont get/want
GF Italian Cafe
GF pastas and deserts. great service. ask for the GF menu!
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