Dreams Coffee Lounge
59 St. Giles Street, Town Centre
01604 636 368
Café - Café

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Lovely food and knowledgeable staff
Went here after a recommendation from a friend. They even had lists of which foods were unsuitable for different allergies/intolerances. Upon ordering the breakfast, the server recommended the sausages weren't gf and offered a substitute. Will definitely return, at the very least to try some of the cake I was too full to try :)
Thank-you Coeliac map!
I needed a GF venue for a quick lunch and consulted the map. This is a real gem. So very friendly and knowledgeable about our needs. I had broccoli and cauliflower soup with GF bread but I could have had a sandwich or more. Must return to sample one of their cakes!
Good selection
Dreams has a very good selection of gluten free items and friendly helpful staff.
Dreams cafe cater for coeliac with no problems. All the staff fully understand cross contamination issues and are really helpful. Lovely cakes and toasties. Wonderful to have somewhere to access in the town centre.
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