Using the Android App

Star Ratings

Existing reviews will be marked on the map with coloured stars. The stars show the average of the user-submitted reviews:
0 - 1.5
1.5 - 3
3 - 4
4 - 5
Not yet rated (neither good nor bad)

Viewing a Venue's Details

To view a venue, tap on the coloured marker for the venue. A popup will show the name and rating. Tap the pop-up to show the full details including contact details and photos.

Adding a Review

To add a review to an existing location, open the location's details dialog, press the menu button and choose "Add Review". Enter a title for your review, some comments, your name and a rating out of 5 stars. When you're happy with it, click submit review. The review will then be submitted and added shortly.

Adding a New Venue

To submit a new venue, zoom to the location on the map and tap over the location. Now tap the Add Venue popup to go to the add venue dialog. Enter the venue details and a short review and tap submit. The venue will be submitted to be added.

Nearby Venues

If you select "Nearby Venues" from the menu, the app will search for the venues that are neares to the centre of the map. You can tap any item in the list to go directly to it.

My Location

You can turn on your location, so that the map will be centred on your location, using either GPS or the mobile network. To do this, select "Enable My Location" in the Map menu. To turn this off, choose "Hide My Location" in the map menu.


If you have any issues, email [email protected].